Monday, January 28, 2008


This picture is taken at my aunty's house, she bought sooo many snacks from Chinatown.
How could i let all her effort go to waste ?!?!
So...i tasted every one of them =D
Pineapple tarts really make you feel VERY full...haa..

Hard to buy ingredients during this period

I went to the supermarket after my soccer game trying to get some raw ingredients.
Unfortunately, there were not too many choices..the only vegetables i could find was CABBAGE -_- and meat was PORK ( certain cuts of it only ).
Anyway, i bought the pork and cabbage.
I stir fried the pork with garlic and i dont know the name of the vegetable i used and added some home made spicy black bean sauce.
Black bean sauce
Korean black bean sauce, korean chilli flakes, vinegar, black pepper, chopped chilli and sugar.
For the cabbage, i simple boiled it with some kimchi and added fish sauce.
Wanted something fast, was too hungry after 4 hours of soccer.

Snifffff....its dripping...

Spicy cabbage noodle soup !

Went to Junction8 to get something and decided to settle for some ban mian or yong tau foo. BASKET ! The food court is under renovation until april...

I'm i rushed home and got this done.

Took out cabbage, mushrooms, udon noodles, kimchi, korean chilli flakes, vinegar, fish sauce and fat free chicken stock.

Put everything into a pan and cook for around 15 mins or more.

Hot and Spicy noodles !

Nice ! now my stomach is feeling so hot..

Bush bush bushes..

Stir-fried broccoli with tempeh.

Oh this is my favourite vegetable !

Found some left over tempeh in the refridgerator, so i decided to stir fry it with the broccoli.

I used sesame oil, soy sauce and some salt for the seasoning..Simple dish =)



What more can i say ?
Pictures tell a thousand words !
Enjoy ^^,

Tempeh ?

Stir-fried tempeh with vegetables

Some leftover vegetables.
Beansprouts, shitake mushrooms and spitbeans ? ( i am not sure what it s called )
Oh yes, and Tempeh, it is a kind of fermented beans, very nutritous and healthy..usually eaten by Malays..
Once again, i heated up the wok, sprayed some olive oil, put in everything and stir fried for a bit.
Then, i added soy sauce, korean chilli flakes, salt and some water.

Turned out fine =)

Rice mountain

Chicken rice with sliced ginger and mushroom
Oh, saw this recipe on the papers today and decided to try it myself. I made some changes to the ingredients by the way.
Firstly, i chopped up the chicken breasts, mushrooms and ginger.
Heated up the wok and poured some sesame oil onto it. I thought sesame oil would be more appropriate for such a dish rather than olive oil.
Then, i put the ginger in and fry them for a while before adding in the mushrooms and chicken.
When chicken looked almost done, i added oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, soy sauce and some white pepper.
Seemed a little dry, so, i added some water.

Stir-fried for a bit more, i poured 3 scoops of rice with 6 1/2 scoops of water into the wok.
Lastly, i transferred everything into the rice cooker and let it cook.

DING ! Ready to eat !
Garnished with spring onions, chilli padis and white pepper.
Slurps !

Oh, i made soup too, cabbage with carrot soup. Simply by putting the chicken breast bone, cabbage and carrot altogether into a pot, add water and salt and boil until vegetables soften up.

Good soup for a cold day..unfortunately, it wasn't cold weather at all =(

Bottomless PIT !

Incredible ! Haa i cheated again..^^,
I ateee so much today. Had cereal with lots of chocolate milk, bread from bakery, lots of nuts, peanuts and cashew nuts and ended my day with this dish above !
I can still stomach some food, maybe i'll go search my kitchen =)
I didn't take pictures of all the food i've eaten..only managed to take a shot of the last one..


Stir-fried UDON !!!

Came back from my usual exercise routine and was terribly hungry ! Haa !!
Before i went to have my shower, i prepared all the ingredients first. Chopped the vegetables and stuff.
Heated up the pan. Sprayed some olive oil and stir fried chopped garlic and prawns..took them out and stir fried vegetables. Then, added prawns back and fried for a while more till i threw the noodles in. Mixed it with my home made sauce, added some water and shimmered it for 10 mins..
After Shower... noodles disappeared !
HAA !!

Sauce :
Sesame oil, oyster sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, dark soysauce, salt, black pepper, vinegar and some molasses.

Vegetables :
Cai xin, carrots, bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, spring onions and red chilli.

Simply delicious...

Something usual..

Salad to start my day
Woke up early today to catch the sun haa !
Decided to make a salad, so...i grabbed some vegetables from the refridgerator.
Managed to find 3 different coloured, red and yellow. I left out the green one as i have my cucumber to replace the green colour HAA
Chopped yellow, red peppers, 3 small tomatoes, 1 skinny cucumber and carrot, then mixed with fat-free thousand island.
I then put the salad into the refridgerator to chill for a while.
Consumed it about an hour later with 2 eggs and cup of green tea !
Oh and 1 orange =D
Hmmm....having bread for lunch

Tastily Slimmy.. shot...
This is my dinner. It is 納豆...fermented beans. I don't think many people would like this. It is a Japanese dish and you can get it from The Japanese Corner of selected supermarkets.
Simple and nutritious meal.
Rice with 納豆 and pickles..oh..i didn't take a picture of my miso soup.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

He smiled at me ?

Simply love Sunday mornings....

Hey ! I slept at close to 3 am last night and how did i manage to wake up at 7 am in the morning ! ?
Oh, my stomach woke me up.
Didn't want to have carbs for breakfast as i thought i might go crazy on food at the later part of the morning =)
Well, couldn't resist a nice toasted wholemeal bread with natural crunchy peanut butter and fat-free chocolate syrup, 2 eggs and a cup of hot-お茶 ( Green tea )
I love the feeling of slowly biting some bread, sipping hot tea and reading the papers while the morning sunshine shines through the window brings me a kind of un-expressable ( is there sucha a word in the dictionary ? HAA !! ) joy.
So i am going sing, " Please dont take my sunshine away ~~ "
Did he smile at me ? Ho ho, this is what you get when you smile at me

Starved or Stuffed ?

Annonymous : Hey, what do you call this ?
Weili : Weekend Dinner, of course !
Annonymous : !!!!!
Haa, went for a Japanese food buffet with good buddies and brother.
We were all so hungry, before the waitress ushered us to our tables, my friend and brother had already went for the food..GLUTTONS !
Had a great time and yes ! this is how saturdays should be spent ! =)
Anyway, one of my friends finished the buffet with a HUGE stomach and went to the toilet immediately after paying the bill. Haa...joker...
Food wasn't anything special, just had fun =)


Not everyone's favourite vegetables ?

I can be very sure that this isn't everyone's best friend.
I already have alot of friends who don't like mixed vegetables...i'm not sure why, all i know is..they are one of my favourite vegetables..easy to prepare and colourful haa !
Normally i get a packet of them from the Supermarket and store them in my freezer, whenever i'm low on vegetables and want something fast, i'll use them =)

Anyway, let me introduce you my best friend, mixed vegetables..sorry best friend, you're going into my stomach as breakfast HAA ^^.

Liked the crunch


Yellow bean soup

This is my dinner, i wanted to make a soup for my noodles but i felt too full to consume carbs so i made it into a soup.

Soup was made using ikan billis ( archovies ), dried squid, lean meat, yellow beans and mushrooms.

I also added salt for some flavouring.

Garnished with coriander ( my favourite ), some sesame oil and white pepper.

Good warm soup for a night...unfortunately we dont have winter here =(

*Burppppp* Excuse me..^^,


Had a few chances to do some proper lunch these days...
This is fried rice ?
Haaa, it might not look like it but it is..because i fried it, haa !
Used some left over rice from yesterday, stir-fried it with cabbage, sardines and broccoli.
Seasoning added were thai fish sauce and some miso. Garnished with coriander and chilli padi.
Oh yes, soup was simple, Misooosoup...without tofu..

Really Goooood

Dried らーめん with spicy black bean paste minced pork
Wanted to have some noodles, so i thought of this meal..
It was my lunch =)
Spicy black bean paste minced pork
Ingredients :
Minced pork, korean black bean paste, korean chilli flakes, chilli padi, molasses, garlic, black pepper and long beans.
Heated pan up, drizzled some sesame oil, put in finely chopped garlic and chilli padi.
Stir-fried for a bit then added pork in.
Keep frying until meat was almost done.
Poured in chopped long beans, stir-fried for a while and lastly pour the rest of the ingredients in. Mixed them up and let it simmer for a few mins.
Seasoning for noodles
Ingredients :
Thai chilli paste, ketchup, sesame oil, vinegar, ラー油 ( chilli oil ) and soy sauce.
Lastly, i garnished the noodles with some chopped coriander and spring onions.
Could have grabbed another bowl but crunched a green apple ^^<

Jelly !

こんにャく !!
Stir-fried こんにャく !
I thought of this recipe myself, hey it tasted great !
I boiled the こんにャく for a few mins and rinsed it under tap water.
Chopped some onions, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage and chicken.
Heated up the pan. Drizzled some sesame oil and stir-fried onions and chicken.
Added some soy sauce and cooking wine. Then put in こんにャく, stir-fried for a bit.
Lastly, add the vegetables and let them cook for a while..
Before serving, sprinkled some coriander, seasoning i bought and pepper flakes. NICE !
Ingredients :
こんにャく, cabbage, carrots, onions, bean sprouts and chicken



Wow, it is very spicy..

Made by my mum !

Ingredients :

Yong tou foo, cabbage, long beans, carrot and curry !

Wonder what my mum would be cooking next week =)


Finally a decent lunch...

If i am at work, i wouldnt be able to bring all these food to eat as it wouldnt be so convenient for me..normally it'd be just chicken, tuna, or sardine and some rice or oatmeal.

As it is a weekend, i can have more time to prepare my food and EAT THEM HOT !

1st picture is my porridge, 1 scoop of rice with 4 scoops of water.

2nd picture is stir-fried spinach with sliced mushrooms. Heated up the pan, sprayed some olive oil, put mushrooms in, then spinach, lastly sprinkled some salt.

3rd picture is some pickles and minced pork with home-made sauce.

For the sauce, i used korean black bean paste. Mixed it up with some korean chilli flakes and water so the sauce wouldnt be so sticky. Firstly, stir fry some garlic then add the minced pork. Keep frying until the meat is cooked thoroughly then add the sauce and mixed for a while. Lastly, add some chopped coriander and ラーゆ and chilli flakes to enhance the flavour.

It tasted really nice.

4th picture is こんぶスープ, also known as kelp soup. Simple and nutritious soup. Simply boil the こんぶ in water and add salt. I love this soup =) drink it when its hot..

Waiting for dinner...mum's turn to cook ^^,

Got MILK ?

One of my favourite meals =)
3 different types of cereal mixed into a bowl with 99% fat-free milk !
This is not enough

Red Yellow and Green

Omelette with cheese
Breakfast for the day.
Chopped green, yellow and red peppers stir-fried with a bit of olive oil.
Poured 2 beaten eggs onto it, sprinkled with salt and mozzarella cheese, covered for 2 mins.
Served with a dash of basil and mexican chilli powder.


Korean BBQ Buffet.

Looks delicious ! But these food arent worth the money. Went to a korean restaurant for dinner with my mother and brother. Bimbimbab, Kimchi Soup, and bbq meat and seafood.


Ton ton tonnn !


Just wanna try and see how it would turn out.
Grilled instead of the normal deep-fried ones.

Marinated the meat with salt and pepper.
Placed them over flour, dipped into beaten egg and then laid onto bread crumbs.
Grilled on a metal grill for 20 mins, abit charred on the edges, maybe i should have used a lower temperature. Will do next time.

Tasted fine with BBQ sauce =)

Oops, i did it again..

Hey ! These brought a smile to my face =D
Simply junk...Twister fries and filet-o-fish from Mcdonalds, curry bun, otah-bun, donuts and coconut with milk bun from a bakery near my neighbourhood.

Ingredients :

S$10 HAA !

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My ' CRUST '...


Felt like having some pizza so i went to the supermarket on my way back from work to get some green, yellow and red peppers, mozarella cheese and tomatoes.

I wanted to try to make my own crust with wholemeal flour mixed with white flour. Only to find out that i didn't have those at home. I went ahead with buckwheat, rye and some white flour..

I have not really tried making my own pizza crust before, this was considered my 1st attempt. Turned out fine. Crust was chewy instead of those regular pizzas you have at Pizza restaurants..


Pizza crust

Ingredients :

Buckwheat, white and rye flour.

Mixed together with some water, added salt and some dried basil and tomato seasoning. Kneaded, put onto a lightly oiled pan and place it into the oven, baked at 200 Degree Celsius for 6 mins.

Toppings :

Mushrooms, onions, green, red, yellow peppers, tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, dried basil and mozarella cheese.

Base sauce :

I used salsa instead of regular tomato sauce, was in a hurry =)

Spreaded sauce over the crust, placed toppings as i liked and sprinkled with mozarella cheese, popped into oven, 220 degree celsius 20 mins.

Forgive my awful looking crust as i didn't have a proper flat surface for me to roll the dough and such =(

Bitterly Good ~

Bittergourd omelette

Came back home, ransacked the refridgerator and found some bittergourd, it is one of my favourite vegetables. I don't think many people enjoy eating this vegetable as it has a bitter taste. So, i thought of making an omlette outta it.

Stir-fried the bittergourd slices for a bit until it slightly changed in colour and softened. Dash of fish sauce for some flavouring and lastly, i poured the 2 beaten eggs onto the vegetables. Let it cook for awhile and ate it.

Ingredients :

Bittergourd and 2 eggs + 1 apple (^^,)

Wrapped !

Wanton ( Dumpling ) Noodles...
Something for a change.
Dumpling Filling :
I used, minced pork, finely chopped spring onions, onions, garlic, soy sauce, salt, chinese cooking wine and some corn starch. Mixed them up and, scoop a small portion onto the wanton skin and wrap them up. Lastly, i coated them with some beaten egg and baked them for 10 mins under 180 Degree Celsius. I chose the healthier version instead of deep-frying the wantons. Needless to say, the baked ones wouldnt be as tasty as the ones deep-fried. I just didnt want the extra calories.
Noodles :
Cooked in hot boiling water for a short while, removed from hot water and rinsed under cold water. I did that to prevent the noodles from being too soggy.
Seasoning for noodles :
Soy sauce, black vinegar, ketchup, sesame oil, chilli oil and dark soy sauce.
As for the vegetables, people do not really use what i used in the meal. Normally, it'd be cai xin, i had to go with kai lan because my mum bought too much of them and i had to finish them before they turn bad.
Lastly to go with my meal, i had a cup of お茶 and 1/2 grapefruit.
Time for work...