Thursday, February 26, 2009

For a friend

Going to my friend's house, so i made him lunch.
This was my lunch, by the way haa.. just prepared his share.
off i go !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Here is a pork chop i've done.
I already have 2 chicken dishes, so i need to increase my variety of meat, now, i'm trying pork after would be mutton.
Hmm...this pork chop seemed to be marinated enough, i can taste the flavour, i used brine n dry rub for this..i think i should add mroe flavours to it..or maybe this tastes fine ?
I wonder...lunch = plain rice + pork chop + brocooli in herbs and garlic oil..

Monday, February 23, 2009

For brother..

There you go, brother..
I came back from the national library, feeling hungry, so asked if bro wants to eat out, i was gonna take away some nyonya food from a quite famous stall near my place..bro said okay, buy deep fried chicken wing for him separately..
When i got there, it read.." Close on Mondays..." -_-lll.....
Phoned bro to tell him stall is closed !
So i went home to cook porridge with cabbage and tofu..
Shortly, bro asked if there were anything he could eat when he gets home..i said noodles and pork chop or wings...
After reaching home and eating an orange..i prepared the Algio Olio for him and baked some marinated wings..baked 6 of them, 2 for mum he took 4..
" Wah Kor, why this noodles again ? "
" Haa bo bian, i didnt want to cook that, but i have no carbs for you, so i made you that..too last min lah.. "
Haa !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another opera ?

Joanne ordered this Opera cake for her friend's 28th birthday.
After collecting the cake from me at 1030pm, she called me shortly to say....
Anyway, i ope they'd like the cake...
Happy birthday Angela !

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow this is nice...

Great flavour for this Aglio Olio ? ( dont know how to spell or even pronounce it haa )
Its a bit spicy but not to the extreme, due to the chilli padis i used and u can also have a slight taste of the curry leaves...
I would say yes for this pasta, i shall let mum n bro try tonight.
As for the fish..hmm.. i still prefer to lightly season it with salt n black pepper, grilled it and squeeze some lemon juice over it... you dont need strong flavours/spices for fresh fish, i find, fresh fish goes extremely well with light flavours..*shurgs* maybe personal preference haa..
good meal =)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Made this hazelnut opera for mingo !
He mentioned to me about having a cake that has the crunch when u eat it, with a hazelnut base that tastes like ferrere rocce ? ( dont know how to spell )
So, i thought he must be talking about such cakes lah..
I went ahead to try it for him, he wanted this for his girlfriend, amy's birthday cum valentines' day !
And BRAVO ! i did it !
I was pretty happy with the results and i successfully made it into a heart shaped cake !
They all loved the cake after celebrating amy's birthday at the strike of 12 am !!
I made a couple happy on valentines' day =)

Just a quick shot of my meal...
been too busy lately...oh decent meal please come ...please come...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New packaging...

Done with my Origami class today ! HAA
Okay this shall be the packing for my valentines' day cookies !
Hmmm, i need to go and get square sized papers, i cant cut them out myself, soooo inaccurate in the measurements..
Dont they look beautiful ? HAA !

Do you like to watcch Opera ?

My first try on the opera cake !

Haa ! My friend said, weili, finally something french !

Ah...i am pretty happy with the results, anyway..there is always room for improvement !

Yes yes yes !

Lets watch the opera together...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be my Valentine ?

Ah...they are ready...
Butter cookies with coloured icing for Valentines day !
Finished product should look like this...i'm not really satisfied with the colour, though...
Should have used pink instead of peach, and i touched the icing before they dried up completely, ended up with some awful looking designs..
Anyway, final product isnt that bad, i find =)
There are for sale !~
Be my valentine...? yooooohoooo...heh heh

lunch lunch lunch !

Oh no, i dont know what are these noodles called...rough beehoon ?
Haa ! Thats what i call it in chinese...
Anyway, i made this noodles with a thai style flavour and had it with my marinated chicken thigh for my lunch..
Gotta start doing the cookies decoration...
Hungry hungry..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hmmm, no good...

Japanese rice with seasoned vegetables ( japanese spinach, looks like cai xin ) and grilled chicken.

Monday, February 2, 2009

haa leftover again..

ah leftover tomato pasta sauce..

Wah very hungey, so i quickly cook the angel hair, haa it took only 2 mins ! and its way better than MAGGI MEE !

Heated up the sauce and poured them over the noodles !

Oops, dinner gone within mins =)

Sometimes its good to have leftover in the fridge, they make a quick meal...heh heh