Sunday, October 26, 2008


We went for a picnic at Sentosa yesterday.
So, we prepared some food to bring there as the food there are too costly for consumption !
I cooked Spaghetti, fatty lin stir fried some..oh no...i dont know what are those called in english..lets call them thick short rice noodles, and deep fried some seaweed chicken..
Phillip wong brought drinks and lots of titbits, i forgot to take pictures of the titbits ! HAA
Anyway, we had our fun and got our bodies so sticky and sandy. =)
That was fun, would plan for another trip, com'on !

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My friend ordered a lemon yoghurt cheesecake from me !

I'm glad to know that his family and him enjoyed the cake very much ~ puts a smile on my face to know that people like my cake =)

Ho ho ho ~

Thursday, October 23, 2008


He is going to eat my entire house ~
He wanted to try my stir fry pasta, so i made this for him + 1 chicken thigh..
Haaa he got choked from the moment he started eating, too dry he said ! HAA very useless !!
He said that the pasta was too spicy, yah i agree that i ve added too much chilli flakes !
He loved the chicken =)
He can really eat alot, ive been constantly asking him, " minggou you want to eat this, you want to eat that ? " HAA !!
Come again, i'll improve !

Mine !

Yumm !
Yes my lunch !
Fatty lin is coming over for his lunch , i better finish mine first !
This is chicken macaroni soup ~ !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


To : Aunty Doris

HAA i used it to make one bowl of shaved ice for EGG, she eats very loudly ! HAA

From : Weili

I made ice kachang tonight !
I didnt use much colourings because i had none !
I used only condensed milk and gula melaka
beans, grass jelly and home made lime konnyaku !

I am going to try one bowl myself later..

Hey ! want a bowl ? call this number, see my matching pipes ?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mee hoon kueh ~

My lunch cum after work out meal.


I wanted to eat this last night, so i decided to make it today.

I prefer the ones made using hands instead of machines, i find those dough made by machines are too thin, not nice to chew.

Traditional way of making this dish seems like a better choice for me.

I also like to eat one piece of kueh with chilli and ikan billis, i didnt deep fry the ikan billis, i grilled them instead, didnt need that extra fats..

Good bowl of mee hoon kueh, i would say, soup is flavourful enough.

That's be mum's dinner as well, already told her she'd be having mee hoon kueh tonight, for brother, i think he'd be dining out with girlfriend..

oh yes, i made ice kachang too, will post them up in a bit !

Korean feast !

Oh i decided to make some today for my family..
Dinner was 3 types of seasoned vegetables, spinach, soy bean sprouts and kimchi.
Meat, bbq pork and ginseng chicken soup.
you might wonder why the soup looks so black...i didnt bring enough money to the market so i made do with black glutinous rice instead of the white one...
Tasted very good !
Mum likes it !
Me too !
Brother ! havent tried =) HAA my mouth stinks of raw garlic ! YUMMY !

Monday, October 20, 2008

bee hoon

Dinner for the day !
Tomyam bee hoon...
Used the soup for this dish..i only added abit of beehoon, not enough carbs ended me up eating more carbs...
Had fruits n oats after that..
Sometimes its better not to restrict yourself from eating something, it only gets worse..HAA "!"!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The thai popeye !

Yum, my tom yam soup with a plate of spinach with oyster sauce for lunch !
I guess i'd be having more quantity later, been eating not much lately..
popeye ?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chicken soup

Chicken soup.

Does a bowl of warm chicken soup can really ease the soul ?

Good soup, in my opinion...fatty lin had a bowl with his packet of rice.

He liked it too...he drank my love HAA !!

Come often for food of love, fellows...


Fatty lin came to my place today !
He bought a packet of rice with him, finished it and took a picture of the rice he had finished....
Stupid ! why didnt he take a shot of the rice before he ate them ? he has no brains !
didnt even wipe the table after eating...stupid dog !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dinner !

Ahh....wanted to grill the chicken, but i couldnt, i have cookies order, if i grill it, i would have to get rid of the chicken smell that would stay in the oven before baking and i have to wash the oven...

So, i had no choice but to stir fry it, anyway, it turned out great !

Had too much carbs before dinner so i decided to skip carbs, i had only the vegetable soup with some chicken =)


No rice ? No problem for tonight, there would always be tomorrow ~ heh

Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfecto !

Hooray !
My aunt got this for me !
Bailey's mint chocolate !
I'm going to try to use this in my baking..i'm sure it would work !
I'm going to produce something with this....heh heh heh...


There you go !

Dinner for my family !

Udon noodles !

I find that udon tastes like Mee tai mak, only that it is longer and thicker...makes it very good to slurp.

Wow, this plate of udon is very tasty...bro n mum like it !

Of course i like it too =) had too much cake n ice cream in the afternoon, gotta cut back on dinner...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a BIG PLATE !

Courtesy of my aunt's friend, a philipino japanese chef !

He made this for her family and my aunt's husband, uncle James sent this picture to make me 流口水 HAA !!

Enjoy ~

Japanese food is always very healthy, well, too much raw food isnt too good, i believe...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick and simple meal

My quick meal after work out.
More vegetables, less rice and some meat...
Meat is left over minced pork from that day HAA !
Yes i'd be hanging out with my friends later, i'm gonna have bubble tea with PEARLS !
Jialat, i got hooked to the pearls thanks to a friend of mine who insisted i try one cup with her..
Maybe i go for jolli bean's soya bean without sugar syrup with pearls...but too much soy is not good =)

More legs HAA !"!

Yes, i'm making more chicken feet for my family.
shout out ! Ah yi, here they come !

Happy birthday to the October babies !

It is going to be my friend's birthday !
She has been supporting me by ordering cakes / cookies from me...
Her friend emailed me in private to order a cake for me, she wanted to give her a surprise.
So, i thought, why not i just make one for her !
There you go..this cake looks cartoon to me HAA, maybe because of the colours i added to it.
It is a small cake, 3 layers, with chocolate and walnut cream, cake is banana chocolate flavour.
I hope she will like it.
It is waiting to be eaten....

lets put some shirt on for them

Decorated the cupcakes !
It was fun, as it was my first time doing such decorations...they dont look very nice, in my opinion..i will definitely do better next time, more ideas coming up ~
Passed the cupcakes to the BIKINI GIRLS ~

Cupcakes order !

Beep beep beep...
Dark chocolate cupcakes order from my friend !
She told me what pool side party ! HAAA !"!"
They must be in BIKINI ~
HAAAA !~~!!~~!~!~

My red ginseng black chicken soup !

I love Korean ginseng soup !

So, i thought of another way to make it.

I used black chicken instead of the normal one.

I used red ginseng instead of the normal one.

I used black glutinous rice instead of white one.

This has been boiled for several hours using charcoal...and the salt and pepper mix is for dipping the tender chicken =)

Lovely soup...good meal to boost your immune system + nose bleed HAA !"!"


Yes ! I thought of making my own flavour for the chicken feets, i wanted to prepare chicken wings too, the pointy part, but i didnt get them !
I used my own sauce to simmer this, smells great and taste lovely !
I will make more and then pass them to my relatives..
I wanted to make the taste more to the Asian side and i succeeded !
delicious ~

Just some steamed veggies..

1 plate of steamed broccoli with oyster sauce..

Did nothing to this plate of greens, i just wanted some vegetables for my dinner !

I ate all of them !

Fiber fiber...

Had to get rid of them

This is the chicken thigh i used for the korean wrap.
I marinated 4 of them, ate 1 that time and left with 3..
I had to get rid of them to make some space for my fridge...
So...i baked them !