Saturday, June 14, 2008

What happened to the chicken today

Well, i was discussing with my friend yesterday about how should i use my chicken breast..
So this morning, i decided to make it into chicken rice.

The rice isnt very fragrant because i didnt use too much chicken fat to fry the rice and the chicken stock was made from chicken breast bones..

I seasoned the chicken with ginger and salt, chilled them for long hours...and diced them up, stir fried them with some garlic and chicken fat...then i added rice, mixed them up nicely..and poured in 3 cups of stock, salt, panda leaf and a slice of ginger...

Put everything into a rice cooker and waited until it " TINKS "

Soup was watercress soup with dates..

Good meal, i could definitely have more than that plate of rice....^^,

Hey purple !

Wow wow wow, great purple chips !

Purple sweet potatoes !

Baked with fat free butter spray and sprinkled with salt.

Had these with those chicken drumsticks !

Woooo i simply love carbs ~

How can i ever live without you, sweet potato ! You are so fragrant when coated with butter and sprinkled with salt ! haaa !

Come people lets have a grill....

Before and after pics !

What i had for dinner with my mum and brother.

Baked chicken drumsticks in my own marinate.

Marinated in ketchup, soy sauce, lemon juice, mustard, sugar and green curry spice.

Very very nice.....

Delivery time !!!!!!"!"!"!

HAAA !!!
My pork belly stew rice is finally ready for delivery !
Oh yeah oh yeah ! Delivered some to Mingo's family, Wong's familly and CANNON !!! HAA
Had positive feedbacks !
It really puts a smile on my face when people like my food =) thanks everyone !

Vermicella doesnt fill my stomach up...

Taiwan beehoon after work out.

Stir fried some minced pork with sliced bitter gourd, poured in my left over pork belly stew sauce, simmered until vegetables turned soft, added beehoon, let it suck up all the liquid...

Served with very HOT chilli !

Very nice...i could have another plate...oh well...

A pocket full of fish !

Hi !
Seen this before ?
It is a type of bread called, Pita bread.
Don't know where it originated from, can be found in a few supermarkets here.
There are 2 types of the or maybe a few more, wholewheat pocketless/pocket, whiteflour pocketless/pocket...etc...
The one i have is wholewheat pocket !
I chose the one with pocket so i could stuff my fillings inside..
Filling is sardine ( mashed )
that was lunch =)

Pasta + Sauce !

Home made pasta and sauce !
For Noodles,
I used eggs and flour.
Had a hard time kneading the dough and rolling them
Ended with a totally WET body HAA
For Sauce,
I used tomatoes ( can ) coloured peppers, onions, garlics, bay leaf, salt, pepper, olive oil.
Wrapped noodles in cling wrap, stored in freezer, stored sauce in glass jars, inside fridge !

ahhh coffeeeeeee day breakfast ~

Home made salad, scrambled eggs with my lovely cup of coffee...

I love coffee very much, but i try not to drink them so often, i get addicted to it VERY EASILY...

Nothing beats the smell of home brewed coffee in the morning ~

I'm looking forward to sunday ~ sunshine + coffee + newspaper reading = Best combo in life !

Still still some leftover =)

yum yum...after work out meal again !
Rice rice rice ! i love you ~
Well, same old black beans, stir fried some garlic sprouts ? with garlic, tau gua and dried shrimps !
Oh, see that pink colour curd and black hair-like thing ?
They are small dishes people eat with porridge...hokkien style ? i'm not sure, i just like them very much !
Can't have enough of these man....come again come again

still eating leftover HAA !

Oh yes, still leftover food, HAA rice was basmatic rice with chicken stock....

Nice meal again...

Wooops...i love beans !

yay black beans

Yay after work out ! black beans ! with left over roasted chicken and alot of vegetables !
Stir fried with whole garlic and bean sprouts !
Black beans done with chicken ( left over ) carrots, celery, potatoes and onions !!
Very nice, yes looks disgusting, but really very nice =) for me, maybe...

Just some Bones

Simply marinated pork spare ribs.
Yes, it was my dinner...marinated with hoisin sauce and dark soy sauce...
Had a bowl of soup with it, not featured..
Wah, cannot always eat this, very fatty...left over pork, no choice had to cook it or i'll have throw it away

Cookies or Kooties ?! HAA

Hey look !
I baked so many cookies today !!! well, my mum pronounced them as kooties maybe because she has 2 front teeth missing ? haa i'm sucha bad son ! =)
My ex-tuition teacher wants to try some of my cookies so i decided to bake them today. If they are nice for her taste buds, i could earn some cash !
Well well well....those are peanut butter cookies and chocolate chips cookies !
Wish people would buy them from me =)
Those are ready for delivery ! More flavours coming up !

haa i made noodles !

I made my own noodles today using flour, water and some salt.

It was fun !

The noodle soup was made for my brother, i didnt have the time to sit down n eat, i had more things to do like baking cookies ! HAA so i just ate wahtever i could find on the table...nuts, fruits etc...

Nice soup ? with msg anythign could be nice !

yummy eggs !

Haa something special this morning !

Salad with scrambled eggs !

Woo i love that egg very much, not thoroughly cooked, still a bit runny at the top, seasoned with salt and pepper, yum yum yum...

Well, for the salad, i mixed in broccoli, tomatoes, apple and onions...

I made the dressing myself..i used natural peanut butter, mustard, miracle whip and some yoghurt !

nice nice nice i have another portion waiting for me tomorrow morning...

Daily meal at work 1

Yes i eat this everyday when i'm working, any source of protein with 2 slices of bread soaked in egg whites then pan fried..
This time i used the fish i prepared earlier and flaked them..
Bread was soaked in egg whites for extra protein, sometimes i eat the bread with a slice of cheese, tuna or sardines !
Not that i enjoy eating the same food everyday, its just convenient for me...i will have big meals when i get home =)

Oh i didnt want to use this fish but i had to do it...mum bought this fish a few days ago, if i had waited a few more days, it would have turned bad...soooo pan grilled it !
Seasoned with orange rind, coriander, black pepper and salt !
Xxxxxx.....that is the sound of the fish grilling...x.x.x.x......HAA !!

Sinful treats for the day !

HO HO HO ! Pastries for the win !
Brother's 21st birthday, had high tea at Marriott Hotel with mum and brother.
How sinful can these be ? Very sinful..haa i had 2 bowls of ice cream !!
I would say the ice cream was DAMN GOOD !
So flavourful so rich so thick so creamy ~ Wah ~~ i wish i could never grow fat from eating those...
i want those ice cream again......T.T

Always the same meal

ah breakfast...2 eggs and stir fried cabbage with dried shrimps !

Yes vegetables for breakfast...ho ho ho

Damn good food at a damn good price ?

Damn good food at a damn good price ?
I'll second that...damn bad food at a damn good price, we thought.
Yeah, heard of botak jones, was going to sizzlier to have a fathers' day dinner then dad suggested to go to botak jones to try it out, highly recommended by his friend.
We ordered cajun chicken, black pepper chicken, rosemary lamb chops and fish and chips.
Without knowing they serve so much fries, we ordered 2 more plates of fries, spicy n cheese...
We all thought that the food wasn't that great, it was a disappointment. Plenty of fries served, though. Yes " at a damn good price " is right, we settled for a low bill..damn good food ? Noooooo....
brother felt like puking after eating....disaster...

green green green

Hoho, post work out meal again...
Greens with ikan billis and a bit of salt.
Had some tuna with it as well, didnt take pictures, just plain tuna with salsa !
Was going to celebrate fathers' day...
oh had a bunch of grapes too !


Oh break fast .... breakfast !

Prawns !

Left over stir fried prawns with black pepper corns and garlic !!!!!

WAH !~~~