Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey Tom ?

Tom yam noodles !

My dinner.
Made this soup before i left home.
My tom yam soup, i used,
bamboo shoots, lemongrass, soy bean, chicken breast bone, tomatoes, lime, chilli , tamarind juice, pepper, salt, kelp, onion, sugar and fish sauce.
I added prawns when i was about to make the noodles.
Taste could be improved, i think i have added too much sugar as the sourness of the soup had been covered by the sweetness.
Brother lah, said it was too sour !!
Shoul dhave used lime leaves but i couldnt find them at the supermarket so i decided to try going with whole limes.
Cooking the limes for a while is fine but if they are over-cooked, the soup will have a slightly bitter taste, it comes from the skin of the lime, i believe..
Better soup nexxxxt time

Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Bought the noodles from the NTUC, 3 balls of them for hmm...$1 plus plus ?
Soup was a bit special =) wanted to try something new.
I used...dried oyster, white mussel meat, cashew nuts, kelp, slice of ginger, minced pork ball ( minced pork, soy sauce, dried basil, black pepper, sesame oil, corn starch ), vinegar, dates, fish sauce, mushrooms and ketchup !
Wow thats some weird mixture, haa !
Mmm...soup turned out nice, had a sumptous dinner..

For my friends !

They are out !
Oh, i made these burgers for my friends to try.
I used my own bbq sauce to marinate the chicken meat and grilled it for 10 mins.
My brother said the chicken tasted better when it had a more charred smell.
I think i should grill it for a longer time on my next attempt.
Well, the look of the burger isn't appealing at all, even my friends said, wah, cannot make it !
Haaa, yah i understand that, i blame the buns for that !
Anyway, they tasted nice !

Dried Pasta

My lunch !

Didn't want to have a saucy pasta, so , i decided to make it dry.

Wholemeal pasta with yellow pepper, tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms and minced pork.

Seasoning were dried basil and tomato seasoning, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Topped with some parmesan cheese...mmm..

Little stones...

Oh, this is nothing..

Just wanted to take a few shots of the daily bread i eat =)

Peanut butter with brown sugar on 12 grain bread !

i will add tuna to it, but, i think the thought would be disgusting, so i didnt take a shot of it =)

Before i enter dreamland

Hmm...Preparing food for tomorrow's journey !
Brother left some seasoned meat for me. It was supposed to be dumpling filling. I used it for my rice instead =)
Stir fried the meat with sesame oil, added 1 cup or rice and 1 3/4 cup of water. Simmer simmer simmer..done..
This is the brand of seaweed i use for my sushi. My uncle bought them for us from Korea !
Good stuff ~

Well, spreaded the seaweed on a flat surface, put the rice on top, rolled it up !


HAA ! yes soba for dinner, and vegetables with sliced fish..
Yum yum, i didnt have enough of the SOBA. That was all i was left with, a small bunch..
Cooked it in boiling water for a while, took them out and put them into ice water.
The sauce sauce was bought from NTUC, added some spring onions, NICE !

Vegetables were stir fried using some sesame oil, garlic, sliced fish, cabbage, soy bean sprouts ( wow, they are very tasty, i like the crunch of them ! ) carrots and mushrooms. Seasoning was soy sauce and vinegar.

For the last picture, it was a tube of Japanese chilli sauce, i find it nice, tasted really like korean chilli paste.

Fate-less burger...

I've decided to name this the fat(e) less burger.. haa..
This was meant to be made for my friends to try but it wasnt given a chance to be delivered to them.
Hmm...i can say that this tasted really great.
I marinated the chicken over night using, soy sauce, salt, black pepper, mustard, ketchup, minched garlic and ginger, vinegar, black bean paste, sugar and white sesame seeds.
I grilled it for 12 mins..
Put some mayonnise and shredded lettuce between the burger then topped with chicken.

Very tasty..i will find a chance to make it for my friends, maybe this could earn me some CASH. heh heh..

Sausage lips !

WAH too spicy, my lips are swollen !

This is my dinner, stir fried udon noodles with fish slices and vegetables.
I used sesame oil, garlic, ginger, black bean paste, miso paste, salt for seasoning.
Garnishing were spring onions and chilli padis, yes chilli padis, was damn spicy.
The taste didnt turn out that well..maybe i shouldnt have added the ginger..sort of ruin the taste..anyway, i finished it =)

Soupy soup soupy soup

Hmm...had time to prepare a proper dinner tonight, so, after work, i went to the supermarket to get some meat and fish head to make my soup.
Got home. Put the fish head, soy beans, bittergourd and ginger slices into a pot, added water and bring it to a boil. Boiled it for close to 2 hours ? Probably..=)

After my daily exercise, i was hungry. Had a BIG APPLE ! been eyeing it for some time HAA !
I transferred the soup into another metal bowl and added self made meatballs into it. Meatballs were made using minced pork, soy sauce, chilli flakes, basil leaves and some pepper and sesame oil.
Then, i added a whole bunch of vegetables, chye sim and korean noodles !
Let them cook for a while then CONSUME !
Nice nice nice..

a 'sweet' gathering..

Woo laa laa...

My friend's girlfriend decided to give us a treat at WARAKU, a japanese restaurant. The food was okay, atmosphere was good i would say. We didn't order too many dishes as they were quite pricey.

I had my favourite, Japanese rice, beef with egg, side dish ( salad ) and udon noodles. It came as a set. Wasn't too much for me to handle =)

The set was too big for me to capture a picture..

After that, we went to Swensen's. It was my idea to go there to have ice cream and chat. I ordered GOLD RUSH...i was disappointed ! TOO LITTLE ICE CREAM ! was S$6.30, excluding GST...ohh oh o...haa..good ice cream, though

Wah..another hungry me..

Another Chinese meal..

Had a long game of soccer with my friends, wow we played for nearly 4 hours again...i am exhausted.
It was great fun, though.

Came home ! IMMEDIATELY prepared my lunch.

Opened a can of sardines, put chopped onions and chilli padi in it.
Steamed for 15 mins. Yummy !

For vegetables.
stir fried some garlic with olive oil, put in celery, carrots and tomatoes.
Then, i added soy beans, dark soy sauce and pepper.
Lastly, added fat free chicken stock and simmered for 15 mins.
Before serving, i mixed it with corn starch to make the dish starchy.

Had everything with Porridge...

Its a bit fatttty..

Steamed pork ribs with vegetables.
Ah..i marinated the pork ribs over night, actually i wanted to have them yesterday but due to too many chinese new year snacks, my stomach was too full to have a proper meal so i left it until today.
Marinated it with soy beans, black bean sauce, chilli, garlic, some pepper, hua diao jiu ( chinese cooking wine ) and sesame oil. Oh, i mixed the pork ribs with corn flour to soften the texture of the meat. Still turned out to be a little tough..Hmmm...
vegetables was stir fried with garlic and salt, very simple dish..
Lastly, i had them with my big bowl of white rice !
Full...couldn't get my pear down =)

sweet, sour and spicy ?

Wow, i have been craving for porridge these few days and oh no i ran out of rice, will have to buy them soon.
Quick stir fry..Baby clams with beans and onions. For the sauce, i mixed tabasco sauce and ketchup, added some water too.
Firstly, heated up the wok, sprayed some olive oil, put in chopped garlic and onions..fried for a bit, put baby calms in then beans..sprinkled some salt then poured the sauce in..stir fried for a while more before placing them on a plate.
For the green vegetables , xiao bai cai , nothing special, it was too simple, salt and vegetables, thats all, thats not what normal people would eat haa !
oh yes, i had beancurd too, needed some protein..and dipping sauce for them was soy sauce, sesame oil with garlic and chilli !
Good lunch ! See you all ~

叮 咚 面

My Lunch !

Aiya..was too tired to go to the Supermarket when on my way back from work..So i thought these might work.

Mum had some small calms ? left in the refridgerator so i STOLE them to make them my protein source.
As usual, noodles was Japanese ramen noodles. Got them when i was in Japan. Boiled them and mixed with seasoning.

Seasoning was :
dark soy sauce, soy sauce, korean chilli flakes, vinegar, sesame oil, oyster sauce, ketchup, chopped chilli padi and coriander.

Below was my side dish, had to have some vegetables =)

Cabbage and carrots with dried shrimp.

Easily done, stir-fried dried shrimps in a bit of olive oil then put in vegetables, added some salt and water. Let them simmer for a while until vegetables got soft. Digest.....