Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Freshly bought fish !

This is my lunch !~
Grilled fish with tomato sauce spaghetti..
Wow, I personally find that you dont need too heavy flavours to season the fish u just bought from the market..just some salt and pepper, cayenne or paprika would do just fine, with a bit of lemon juice...wow....it is really very delicious..so juicy, tender and the meat is so sweet !

And yes pasta, big mouthfuls big mouthfuls, haaa sorry wong, i ate them without sharing with you !!
Great lunch !

You want it, you have it !

Gabriel's order, BANANA CUPCAKES !

Wah he is working now and would be coming to collect from me at 1130pm !

Haa, i hope these cupcakes wouldnt disappoint him.

I have 2 extras for i will try them myself later HAA !!

water apple eat fresh

Refreshing salad.
Water apples, brussels sprouts with chives. garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and honey...
Not bad not bad..

Monday, December 29, 2008

a new PERTEHTO !

Oh something new i made, wanted to crisp it like a flat piece of potato pancake.

Some mishaps in the kitchen so i ended up presenting it this way..

Doesnt look so bad, does it haa, oh it tastes good too !

i'm gonna let my friends try this soon....


Cupcakes !

Cupcakes...picture says it all..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What did i do to leftover rice !

Did a quick simple asian fried rice with the leftover rice..

used some meat from my meat patties, chopped some cabbage, fry fry fry and fry !

Garnished with chilli padis, srping onions and ground white pepper !

Serve !

i munch and i crunch and i ate the whole plate !

not the original prawn mee

Its a sunday, normally i dont prepare dishes, i eat my mum's...
Mum was busy, i opened the fridge, saw some chicken breast bones, i shouted , " mother, can i use the bones ?! "
Mum said, " can "
Okay, i saw some prawns mum bought from the market...okay, aiya make prawn mee lah
Prepared my own stock, let simmer for 30-45mins, added in noodles ( spaghetti, no yellow noodles ) some vegetables and prawns..
Just a normal and simple meal to fill my stomach, i was thinking of eating cereal ~
Hmm...taste good =)
Ahhh....my cereal craving is back !! die die die...

red blue and yellow !

Something i made using fresh strawberries, blueberries and few slices of lemon.
I poured them into a glass jar, filled it up with chilled soda water and refridgerate !
What is this ? i seriously do not know, can be eaten can be drank HAA !!
looks beautiful though...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Party hop hop hop....

We hopped hopped hopped to Paul's house !!
Everyone had already started on their christmas dinner, we managed to reach his place at around 930pm ! Luckily we borrowed our dad's car..To our surprise, we met mingo the dog and Amy at paul's doorstep ! Stupid Mingo, told me he'd be there earlier, who knew he took the wrong bus, hey u brainless dog ! yes you ! Whack me lah HAAA !!
I make a cake for wong and his family, the eggnog cake ! HAA, that was my 3rd attempt, made some changes to the recipe. I guess no one there has ever heard of eggnog, or rather taste of, so no one could tell me if that was the right taste, only for Amy who told me " hey weili, your cake is the best among the 3, i finished yours but not the other 2 . HAA "
I thanked Amy for that =)
I was too full to eat any of the food being served on the table.
NO ! i thought, pamela ( paul's sister ) said we should try her dishes tonight, eurasian dishes, the devil's curry and the other one..i forgot the name, it was made from chicken fillet and innards..that was a special dish, oh by the way, i've never heard of eurasian dishes before, not even mentioning tasted them.
I scooped up some of the devil's curry. Hmm...it is a curry dish that doesnt include coconut milk, the taste seemed a bit foreign to me, smells and looks alittle like curry, not as spicy, not as thick, the gravy was more to the soupy side..and for the innards dish, yes something unusual too, tasted abit like curried chicken innards + fillets, not spicy, smells of spices, cinnamon stick, i saw =) Good job, Pamela ! I'm also happy for you that you received your DSLR ! Happy snapping shots !
We played Wii and they made me the laughing stock ! That stupid mingo even took a video of me ! We got tired after playing for awhile, laughed ALOT ! and got our gifts, we left paul's house at about 1am+..
Fuuuuwww....was so tired, BUT, that sure was great fun !
Merry Christmas, everyone ! ^^,

Christmas feast at Aunty Doris's place !

Merry Christmas to all !!
My family and i had a Christmas feast at Aunty Doris's house yesterday evening !
It all started around 7pm + as they were all waiting for my mum and i to arrive for the prayers before indulging.
I had quite a few orders to do yesterday so everything ended abit later than what i had expected =)
"Hello everyone !" I greeted, passed the christmas tree i made to my little cousins then the chicken aunty doris ordered from me..We said our prayers and Wooo !!! we ate and talked ate and talked ate and talked..A few foreign friends of Aunty Doris were invited to her place too, 1 korean family and the other is an American family, they were from a part of Russia i guess, they told me their country but i couldnt understand them, sorry but i have never heard of their country =)
Anyway, the American family gave me a 2 thumbs up for the chicken and asked me for the recipe HAA, i didnt know if they understood me when i named them a few asian spices..I was glad that they liked it so much ! Everyone also praised me for my chicken, i was delighted !
A few desserts were served..a friend of aunty doris brought her a box of caramel fudges ! wow my favourite !
I took a piece of the caramel fudge and slowly savour the taste in my mouth, it was very good !
Ah yi offered me another one but i couldnt take it anymore, i was too full..
We all had our fun and my bro, egg and i left for paul's house shortly after the dinner !
Thank you for the invitation, aunty Doris, we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves, wished we could have stayed a bit longer..

For my little cousins

Just a simple christmas tree i made for my little cousins...using leftover cookies, buttercream icing, some sprinklers and gobstoppers candy, oh yes and candy floss as the snow and the base was made by crushed biscuits !

HAA !!

They loved the cute little tree !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Strawberry yoghurt !

Mum's friend ordered this for her niece ? I think its niece =)

Another one !

Merry Christmas !~

Reindeer and snowman wave HI !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BIg bird's CAKE !

Bird bird's order !

Bailey's cheesecake that looks alittle like a log ? HAA

Anyway, i hope he enjoys it !

Waiting for comments ...... =)

The 2 mings !

The cupcakes i made for the 2 mings !
Mingo's girlfriend, Amy ordered some from me, then i had some left over, so i messaged minghui if he wanted them, he said OKAY !
I sold 6 of them to Minghui !
Mingo brought the boxes of cupcakes to him, the way he held the boxes really ruined the cakes !
In the end, what minghui recevied where toppled cupcakes, all the cream were all over the box, he was so upset ! HAA
Minghui said the cupcakes were abit too oily for him, and he didnt really liked the icing on them, his sister liked them, though, overall, he would rate them a 7/10, i would have scored more if they werent that oily, he said =)
Mingo and Amy said 5 star cakes HAA ! and yes, they'd like to see better improvement on the designs.
Those were good to hear !
Thanks guys !

Quick lunch

My quick lunch for the day, i was too busy with my orders so i just quickly grilled some seasoned chicken breasts and made some mashed sweet potatoes, potaotes, cauliflowers with some spices and seasoning..
Chicken was good, abit too salty, though, mashed could be eaten, not very tasty =)
At least some food to fill my tummy up for the hectic day !

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meh meh 吃草。。。

Minghui ordered my chicken from me again !

This time its 1 whole instead of 1/2 a chicken !

Hey minghui ! thanks for visiting my 'stall' HAA ! Hope you and your family enjoy the chicken !

Have a great dinner !

Haa i'm hungry....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aunty Joyce's order

These are Aunty Joyce's order, she orderd 30 cake from me to give to her church mates.
Wow took me half a day to get all these done, baking the cakes, wrapping them, and designing the cards and ribbon.
Haa thank you aunts and friends who are always there to support me and give me encouragement ! (^^,)

Friend's order

Zhenming's order, durian cheesecake !
After eating the cake, they sms-ed me to tell me it was a fantastic cake, 10 out of 10, full marks !
HAA thats a little over lah, anyway thanks for getting the cake from you, i was glad to know you guys enjoyede it that much.
Cheers !

Friday, December 19, 2008

before we part...

Haa took a last shot of my masterpiece ? before i sent it away ~ T.T
Bye snowman and christmas tree !

Best friend of the day

Toooooo busy to whip out any meals today, so i just used left over sotong, spinach and white rice to feed myself throughout the day, i knew i was gonna be busy..

Added some spices to it, garnished with chilli padi and white pepper.

Hmmm..good enough =)

Time to go to Jason's party !

Finally...i got it done..

Finally i got this cake done !
Jason said , " weili can u make a cake that can feed 20 people ? "
Haa " i try my best lah ! "
So i thought of this design, a christmas tree !
Yes its alot of work and i wish i could do better than this, like one more smaller cake on top and a star to make it look more like a tree, i'm sure everyone would agree with me.
And, of course, better piping skills..piping is fun yes and tedious HAA
i'm pretty happy with the cake, i think i've done well, but not good enough, can be better =)
Oooo....need a rest !

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get out you 2 fatties !

Woke up early to get this cake ready to pass it to my friend.
This is a Durian cheesecake topped with the fondants i made over the night..
Fat reindeer and snowman have been lying around eating all my stuff ! So, i ve decided to chase them out of them house, i'm giving them away !
They're becoming too fat ! HAA !
Anyway, hope my friends and his colleague will like the cake.
Got more to do =)
Dont give me that pathetic look, fat reindeer and snowman...haa ! you're gonna get eaten anyway !

Snowman's new friend !

Haa lets welcome snowman's friend ! REINDEER !
HAA this reindeer is damn fat and cannot get up and move so he sits and eats all day !
I just tried making a raindeer with fondant..it was very fun, and yes quite tiring. especially sticking those small parts onto his body head etc, my fingers are too big ! I managed to stick them on in the end =)
Hmm...does it look like a reindeer ? HAA i really want to laugh when i see this 2nd pic, what a stupid face !
Lets not laugh at him and give him a warm welcome into the fondant family ! *claps* Stay tuned for Santa, FAT SANTA ! HAA "!"!

Grand opening ? haa

Haa mum can eat normal food again, no more vegetarian diet !
So i used yesterday's prawns, sotong and fishcake to cook a noodle dish.
Too much noodle left from yesterday's meal..
Garlic, prawns, sotongs, fish cake, dao ge, spring onions, taiwan spicy bean paste, black bean sauce, water ( no chicken or any stock ), seasoning...CHAR CHAR CHAR !
Voila ! Can be served, wah still feeling a bit hungry after eating spinach, sotong and kachang puteh after my work out, i pinched some of the noodles ! HAA !
Haa chin cai char chin cai jia lah hor mother ! HAA !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Invited Minghui, Mingo and Gabriel to my house for a meal again..
Wanted them to try our my seafood platter's batter...who knows...i didnt get the chance to serve them that..i bought the prawns n sotong, cleaned and washed them, they were all ready, then, the batter failed me...ah was alittle pissed off, what went wrong, must have been the flour..i thought..So, i deep fried some of the dough for them to try instead, they loved the dough, of course it needed more seasoning...the batter cant be used as the crispiness wasnt that, it wasnt what i had in mind, so i dumped it aside n made them into pancakes, salty pancakes..well, if i'm gonna make this batter into a pancake batter, i'd have to add some fresh spices into it, maybe some seafood like prawns and sotong too ? I'll go and work on it, i told my friends to come again next week to try the seafood platter again, i'm going to make it work...Mmm....
Oh yes and the curry chicken noodles...ah, good ? it was okay...edible, i would say, if you could eat curries, this wouldnt be considered a good one, not enough spices, not spicy enough, left out certain ingredients and such..so...i thought it was a failed product, not really failed product, for own consumption, yes that'd do =)
till then ! Gonna have an early night, long day to go tomorrow...yawn...