Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bakerzin ? And the other ?

See !?
I went to get 2 different cheesecakes and Tiramisu from 2 different bakeries.
1. Bakerzin
2. I cannot remember the name, it is located at the food court level of Takashimaya, close to Bakerzin.
Well, after trying them with my brother and mother, i felt that the tiramisu from Bakerzin was not that amzaing, i couldnt really taste the liquor, i thought it wasnt worth the price, just my opinions...oreo cheesecake was okay, as it was my first time trying such a cheesecake...i am not sure how it should really taste like....for the tiramisu from the other bakery, it has a stronger liquor taste, you could really taste it, cheese was lighter ( i heard that the cheese of Tiramisu should be light, as if you were eating air ! ), mine was heavy [ No worries, i can always try to make it more airy, that was my first time so i can be given another chance ! ]
The one from bakerzin was kinda heavy too, i just didnt like it.
And lastly, the cheesecake, nice smooth and light, great cheesecake i would say, i like the texture, unlike mine, so moist and thick and heavy, i better improve * knocks own head*
HAAA, after trying cheesecakes from these famous bakeries, i know where i stand.
I told my mum and brother to remember the taste of the Tiramisu from both bakeries and said, on my next attempt, i will make one that tastes better than these 2 !

you are tied !


I got the chance to do this on the last day of my job =)

These pork bellies were going for a boil, i had to tie them up tightly to make them hold their shape well, these would be used for bbq.

Had fun doing this, leveled up, new skilled acquired !

Farewell kitchen

Today is my last day of work, so i took some pictures as memories....
First 3 pictures are the overall pictures of the kitchen
2nd last picture is the Soba counter, where i cook the noodles ( i was incharged of the noodles )
Last picture is the deep fryer corner, i dont deep fry food, it is the job for my friend
I had to go....i have to move on towards my dream....i made many friends there, leaving the place was a bit unbearable...

Big plate

yum yum, my diinnnner ...i didnt work out today, so, i didnt have too much rice, sadly...

That was chicken rice, marinated chicken thigh with cabbage and chicken stock.

Vegetables were spinach with mushrooms and shredded chicken, simmered with vegetarian oyster and mushroom sauce with chicken stock and a dash of salt and soy sauce, oops almost forgot about corn starch !

Good meal =)

My tiramisu

2nd attempt on this italian dessert !
I am happy with the outcome and of course, there is always room for improvement, mum and brother have tried it, they said it was nice !
I took a small bite, nice !
Liqueor taste could be stronger, could be layered one more time =)
there is always another try =) handing some to my aunt to try tomorrow !

Quick lunch

Just a quick one, left over pasta sauce with baked beans and egg whites..
Nothing much, sprinkled with salt and black pepper..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Would you guys mind such a meal ?

Dear 阿狗 and PHILLIPS TV !
Look what you guys missed today, maybe you guys were lucky to have missed the dinner, goodness look at that black PIZZA and not so good-tasting chicken thighs, would you guys fancy such a meal ?
Haaa maybe yes lah, i know you guys will support me !
Dont worry, the taste isn't that bad, afterall...i will improve on them !
See you guys next week !
Dont forget, i'm born to serve !

Chicken tonight

Roasted chicken with thyme, lemon and garlic ~
They go with the pizza.
Well well well, they tasted pretty good i thought, but mum, bro and egg thought, hmmm not so sure, too oily...
I guess it wasnt flavourful enough
Nice i thought haaa

Piizzzzzaaaaaa " HURT "

There you go , the looking-good pizza before it was sent to hell for a burn ! TERRIBLE !
Ahhhh ~~
This was dinner for my friends who were supposed to come for dinner, one of them couldnt make it so i cancelled the session...bro called me this morning to cook, his gf would be coming for dinner, OKAY I SAID !
Sigh, you looked nice before you were disfigured by "ME" =(

Ah lunch

Wanted a quick lunch, i had cooking to do and prepare =) people coming for dinner !!!

Cabbage stir fried with ikan billis, no salt added, ikan billis is salty enough, yum yum...

Ikan billis is good for our bones, good calcium , EAT THEM !!! they're cheap as well


Yah my dinner ~ its always dinner, why ? Simple, i work during the day, feast at night =)
Stingray with my homemade sambal chilli and korean black bean paste with garlic n ginger !
Soup was cabbage with carrots n mushrooms ( made from can chicken stock, had no time to prepare stock in advance )
Needless to say, rice to go with them =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mingo ! you again 死 sotong !

Wooohoooo ~~~ mingo !
Another sotong dish !
Sambal sotong !! I am very sure you will also like this ~
Anyway, its for me to eat and for you to see lah HAAA
And that is my vegetables for dinner, lots of vegetables in simple and light ikan billis soup.
Rice is not featured..
I finished the soup =)

Kiwi ?

Heh heh, my own creation, yoghurt cheesecake, i dont know if anyone has done this before * shrugs*
Its a nice cheesecake, i tried using kiwi fruit but i think.....the fruit doesnt go well with the cake, perhaps another fruit might do better =)
I've already created this cake, why not try different flavours for it ^^,

Someone special came over for dinner

Ah ah ah, brother's girlfriend came over for dinner so i was in charge of wiping up some dishes !
GREAT FUN ! I rushed home from work to prepare this bbq breaded chicken with pasta for everyone !
Yes i should say, great chicken =)
I'll cook more for people ~ i promise

Oh yeah baby !

Hooray !
I made 2 whole chickens for 3 friends and my family !
Yes got positive feedbacks, nice nice nice =)
Wooooohooooo.......!! born to serve and be a slave ~

Mingo ! SOTONG ~

Mingo ! this time it is SEAFOOD VERSION with your FAVOURITE SOTONG ~ ! friend likes i'm eating on behalf of him ! =)

It WILL be SOLD oneday !


This chicken came out very close to the taste i wanted !

This is a dish i would focus on, and hopefully one day i can present this dish to the crowd...

Dinner dinner dinner....

splendid.....few more touches few more touches...

Please dont puke at the sight of this ^^,

Haa hold it ! do not puke all over your keyboard !

This is my dinner, made of yellow beans, chicken, cabbage and bean sprouts !

I know i know it looks bad...i just want vegetables and beans for dinner =)

Its actually quite nice, i finished the whole pot =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tom yam soup !!!

WAH !!!
My dinner after my usual work out !
I made tom yam soup from scratch and it was superb ! Of course you cant compare this soup to those made by thais...
And stir fried some vegetables with garlic n salt.
Rice with KIMCHI ~
very very good soup, hot n sour enough !

Sunday Dinner !

Woohoooo SUNDAY DINNER !!!

I spent half the day in the kitchen on sunday, was fun =)

Mum and i prepared all these dishes together, they were deep fried prawns, stir fried long beans, Grilled stingray and my very own recipe, olive vegetables chicken
( left over )

Pictures of mum's soup and another pork belly pork slices stir fried with garlic isn't posted. Max of 5 pictures per post only... HAA

Anyway, had a great diiiiinnnnnnerrr....

Great company + great food = Life's biggest enjoyment !

No.1 side dish

Hey hey ! I'm going to make 10 of my own side dishes and this is the 1st side dish that i have prepared !

I have modified the recipe from my working place.

It consists of kelp, carrot, lean pork slices ( not thin enough ), szechuan vegetable, sesame seeds and oil.

This dish would be served chilled, after letting more people try it, i will then decide to stay at the current recipe or make more modifications...

Quite a nice small side dish...9 more coming up, stay tuned !

The face of an egg ! 2 i mean...

When i was frying this egg, i saw a ' face ', so i quickly went to get my phone to snap a photo of it !
Sounds silly but how often do u come across such a picture ?!?!
Haa....look carefully and you will be able to see the egg smiling....

Different method

Same stuff, just that i brined it for 24 hours and baked it instead of stewing it..i'm trying to play with this meat...

Taste was good, meat was tougher than the stewed one which i think its normal...this was only baked for close to 20 mins, stew was several hours, i am sure anyone could have tasted the difference.

Well well...i've more work to do, this is fun..