Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prawns or shrimps ? HAA !

Another after work out meal of mine.

Noodles with prawns.

I used black beans, ikan billis, chicken bones prawns, black pepper and salt for the soup.

Not that bad, just not fragrant enough.

I wanted to keep this meal as clean as possible....slurps.

Improvement ?

2nd attempt on my cheesecake !
Have i improved ?
Yes i think i have !

The cheesecake looks a little moist and probably still a little too brown on the top.
This is a lemon flavoured cheesecake, the first one was coffee flavour.

Turned out better as i have promised myself.
Time to try it...

Sigh...still disappinted with the product, i was actually expecting better, didnt turn out to my expectations...anyway...there is always room for improvement, i can do it.

Cookies for brother

Just some cookies for my brother to bring to camp.

i want to make better cookies !


My first attempt on my CHEESECAKE !


I'm not ashamed to say that the top of the cake is too dark in colour, i think i have overbaked it a little, thats fine, i will learn from it.

Considering it is my first attempt, the cheesecake didnt crack ! WOOHOO !

I mixed everything manually because i dont have a cake mixer..i'm considering to get one soon..

Anyway, this product put a smile on my face =)

I am going to make it a 2nd time and i promise i will make a better one !

Cheers to me ~

Some slices are on the way to my friends will get to try it too =)

How can i liveeeee without you...

Yah ! How can i live without vegetables !
That plate of vegetables went down into my stomach during dinner.
Rice....and yes with a piece of pork belly i made.
Didn't even dare to take a 2nd piece ! HAA !
Nice dinner ~
wow my first attempt on that dish turned out pretty well....mum and dad is gonna try tonight =)

You piece of lard !

Thought of trying a pork belly stew this morning before i head for work.

Went to the market to get a piece of pork belly, about 1kg, uncle charged me S$10.

I boiled it first because i wanted some pork belly stock.

Dry ingredients
Star anise
Black pepper

Pork belly

Hoisin sauce
Dark soy sauce
Soy sauce
Hua diao jiu

Stir fried the dry ingredients.
Added the pork, stir fried for a bit.
Threw in the seasonings and mixed until everything was coated well.
Poured in pork stock.
Covered it and let it simmer until i got home on the charcoal stove.

Smellssss great...tastes even better.....
PS : Do not eat this often, fat content is way too high.... =)

Anyone interested ?

Luckily you didnt fail me, cookies, unlike the cake !
Wow just the right texture i want.
Stupid oven, the tray i placed into it for baking my cookies is too big for the oven, so the tray didnt spin, and the cookies on the right got a darker colour.
I had to change the positions of the cookies and bake them again.
I am in need of a bigger oven =(
Anyone wants the cookies ?!?!

Fat and juicy

Roasted this whole chicken with lemon stuffed in the cavity.
Sprinkled with dried rosemary, pepper, salt and lemon juice.

Had some vegetables with it.
Red peppers, zuchini, mushrooms, onions and garlic.
I didnt drizzle olive oil over the vegetables, that is why they turned out charred.

Jucies of the chicken mixed with the lemon juice is heavenly...

My 1st delivery !

Haa !
My 1st Delivery to my friend 明狗!~

No, i didnt charge him a single cent, lucky dog HAA !!

Woke up early today to prepare this.

He said overall good, curry's smell is not strong enough, smell of cloves is too strong..

Okay ! no problem, i will try to balance the taste more.

Haa...i didn't give him enough gravy..he complained ! 死狗!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ain't a rubbish man !

Oops i didnt throw away the skin of the watermelon !
I wanted the white colour part, dont know what is it called, RIP of the watermelon ? dont know lah.
I cut away the skin, throw those thick white pieces into a glass jar and poured in 1/2 cup vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 cup of water.
Put it in the fridge and wait for a few days.
I will get pickled " _ _ _ _ _ " ?
I read this from a magazine/book, people pickle this stuff =)

Something refreshing ~

Ah when i was at the market, i thought...hmmm maybe i can make something refreshing to eat..the weather isnt so good these days.

So...i went to the fruit stall to get some fruits.

I bought, watermelon, papaya, pineapple and guava !

I have yellow kiwis at home.

I cubed everything and put them into a giant bowl, mixed in 2 tablespoons of vinegar and some mint leaves.

Covered with cling wrap, put into refridgerator.

I guess after a few hours, the juice of the watermelon will mix everything up prefectly !

Patiently waiting...

FOR YOU 明狗~!

Mutton curry for you ~~~
HAA !! Give me some time to sort of perfect the taste then i will serve you the meal =)
Same...i went for my work out, after that....munch munch munch ~
Hey not bad...=)

Now for the vegetables ^^,

And these are the vegetables i used for the veggie side dish.





green beans

Stir fried them with peppercorns, salt, turmeric and some of the curry sauce.

I even took a short video for fun !

Yes it was fun HAA ! enjoy !

RIce for the mutton curry

I asked the mama shop aunty how to do this.

Stir fried some onions, added cinnamon, cardamon, clove, black peppercorn, bay leaf and star anise.

Used basmatic rice, added salt and turmeric powder too.

Wow smells great...

Dedication to my friend...who is still alive....

I thought of preparing mutton curry today and at the same time, i want to dedicate this dish to my friend, 明狗 to see only HAA !!

He likes mutton.

Hey ah po, you dont fancy this, do you ? HAA !

I went to the market to get mutton and the necessary ingredients, mostly dried ones.

I even asked the aunty. " Aunty, how do you make the rice ah ? " " For the curry, should i use coconut milk or just water will do ? "

She said, " For the rice, you put a little bit of this and this, so the flavour wouldnt be too strong. "
" Curry, can, you can use coconut milk, just a little bit will do. "

" Oh okay aunty thanks ! "

S$2.20 for all the dried ingredients.
Cardamons, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, black peppercorns and star anise ?
I think there are around 6 spices altogether, will go and check later.

bought some green chillis and tomatoes too.

Minced the garlic and ginger.

Oh, i almost forgot, i bought the curry paste from the market too.

next post please....=)

Told you i love rice ~

Oh yes another after workout meal !
bean sprout
red chilli
oyster mushroom
Chicken thigh ( marintated in 5 five powder, soy sauce, white pepper, white seame seeds, sesame oil )
After the meal, i still felt hungry so i drank water....


Oh yes after work out meal !


Soup was made by mum.

lady's fingers
shiitake mushrooms
dried shrimps

Stir fried dried shrimps in a bit of oil, added lady's fingers then mushrooms..added some water, pepper, chilli oil and fish sauce.
Let simmered for a while.

Chicken thigh ( bone removed )

Marinated in soy sauce, white pepper, sesame seeds and grapes
Pan grilled.

Wah....really nice meal...i love it when i have lots of rice, i prefer BIG meals !

garlic bread

I tried this garlic bread by substituting butter with avocado.

Turned out pretty well, i thikn i added too much salt, a bit salty =)

Crunch....ohh bread crumbs all over the floor....

Hey its bittergourd again !

Haa !!

Aiya, stir fried bittergourd with bean curd.

mixed vegetables ( corn, carrot, peas )
shiitake mushroom


Home made stock
corn starch

wow...i really find that this is a very nice meal...

nothing much

Ahh just another plate of vegetables..
It is called ' heng cai ' in hokkien, oh ! its chinese spinach i think
Anyway, stir fried it with ikan billis and some salt and garlic.
That simple...yes....that simple..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Get me some vegetables fast !

Ah i'm starving after my work out.

yong tau foo ! came to my mind..
i had it with my friend last night, cost me $7.10 !! expensive, i can even make a better and cheaper one myself. HAA

I had no time to make the soup, so i simply used ikan billis, yes they give you calcium, eat them often, good for your bones =)

Added in everything in the bowl and had those with my home made dip ( picture not shown )
Dip is just chilli with garlic and soy sauce, my family likes this dip...

am i full enough without rice ? Dinner is coming....