Thursday, April 17, 2008

Charred = great taste

Udon noodles again..
I added alot of vegetables to it ( i want lots of them in my diet )
Topped it with silverfish bought from the NTUC..
I baked them 10 mins 1side 10 mins the other..wasnt a good choice, they'd be better deep fried or pan fried..baking them didnt equal the texture out..
What to do ? Deep frying requires too much oil. Not for me.
Anyway, seasoned them with sesame oil, salt and miso paste.
Udon done with 小白菜, spring onions ( garnishing ) and garlic.
Used sesame oil to heat up the pan, then noodles and lastly vegetables..
Used soy sauce as seasoning. Letting the noodles get charred a bit makes it more fragrant, i find.

nothing special

Nothing special, just wanted some vegetables and protein for my meal.
So, i went to get some lady fingers and egg whites.
Stir fried them with fish sauce and thats it.
Simple food....

To make the best pancake !

Pancake Trying to make a nice pancake....

I tried 2 types.

One with all purpose flour + sweet potato flour, the other with takopachi flour.

Ingredients were squid, spring onions, cabbage and chilli.

First one turned out more chewy than the 2nd one.

2nd one smells better, tasted better.

Ah..anyway, those were cannot-make-it pancakes !

I am going to try again..

time to puke at the sight of pancakes soon...n.n.....

You are to be blamed, PWWC !

Emperor feast ! haa !

Oh dear oh dear...
Mum cooked up a feast as i told her my friend would be coming for dinner..
who knows...THAT FRIEND bought sushi and, in the end, my brother and i had to finish all the food...of course we didnt manage to HAA !!
BURP excuse me...

Get Lost !! It is not mine !

Hokkaido ice cream !

Green tea and black sesame flavour !

Belongs to brother, i didnt buy one as i was too full..also saving some space for snacks during movie.. legs shot !

What is soft and makes you want more of it ?

Japanese green tea ice cream !!!
Wah seh, very nice ! 1 packet of 6 for S$8.70
Can be bought at Bishan NTUC, go and buy if you like green tea ice cream !
takes another bite immediately after taking the pictures..

Not for normal people..

Oh let me introduce you my lunch, Spinach and sardine, as you can see...i sprinkled some salt on the microwaved spinach HAA

PS : Do not try this at home

When the clock strikes 12 !

Wah ! Korean maggi mee ! Kimchi flavour !

Had this at 12 am !


Great roast !

Made these for my friends today.
Roasted whole chicken seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning, salt, sugar and rosemary.
Garlic bread
Butter with minced garlic, coriander, spring onions, bit of basil and salt.
Nice meal i guess =)

Give me more greenssss...

Oh yeah, lunch before i leave home.
Stir fried vegetables with chicken breast.
vegetables involved...japanese cucumber, onions, carrots, celery and red pepper !
Same sauce, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar and some sesame seeds for decoration HAA..nice fooddd....

First try for this !

Macaroons !

Interesting cookies, they dont require flour at all !
All i used were egg whites and sugar !

Brother and mum like them, said they are addictive
They taste chewy..weird...i am not sure if they should taste chewy or crunchy..
i have never tasted the real ones before...anyway...just for the fun of it =)

Stored in a container, brother is munching them now and then..


Yes this is dinner for theeeeeee day !
Stir fried vegetables with konnyaku and green tea flavoured tofu.
Let me see...for stir fry, i used carrots, radish, shiitake mushrooms and onions.
Oh yes and konnyaku, this food tastes like jelly, very low calories..
Seasoning, i used soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine and vinegar.
Ssszz.z.z.z.z... with sesame oil !
As for tofu, i found this new comer from BISHAN tea tofu...interesting..
Bought it and try..
Mild taste of green tea, i topped it with soy sauce and shredded seaweed !


My brother's favourite, not mine..i don't really like deep fried food..not because they are unhealthy ( they are lah )..i prefer grilled stuff !
Anyway, go grab this mug fast ! WHILE STOCK LASTS !
S$2.95 if you buy any meals !

I'm using it now...not a bad mug, i like the design !

Oh ! My true love !

Simple, i bought them !

Change of style..

Multi grain rice

This is what i have been eating for the past few days for my lunch.
This is not food for the weak hearted, multi grain rice with tuna mixed with peanut butter !
Rice for carbohydratse, tuna for protein, peanut butter for fats, isn't this a balanced meal 8-)

YES !!

Tuna bread ! I've finally succeeded in baking these !
The filling is tuna with mustard, miracle whip and onions !

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aunty's treat !


Oh, once a month, my mum and aunty would bring my grandmother for a gathering meal.
This time, we went to 老北京, it is located at Novena Square.
It was high tea, the moment we sat down..we got up and rushed to get the food displayed at the counter, it was buffet could also order some steam buns, dumplings, noodles and pancakes from the menu..wasnt much variety..
Took a picture or 2, nothing facinating, really..the food wasnt that nice..well, you cant really expect very good food from the price of 15++ per head.
Anyway, we enjoyed the company of our family members which is the main reason of the gathering =)

Now, this is for own consumption

My own sandwich Aiya, no one would dare to eat this sandwich
The filling is kind of disgusting for normal people, haa..i used tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, mustard, tuna and peanut butter.

When asked

Friend : " Weili, what is inside your sandwich today ? "

Me : " Haa ! tuna with peanut butter "

Friend : " eeyer, er xin ! "

HAA !!!

I want FATS

Steamed cod fish in home made sauce with thinly sliced ginger
Cod fish bought from NTUC, yucks lousy..not fresh, tasty a bit rubbery ( note : not due to my steaming process , HAA )
Homemade sauce : soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, cooking wine.
If the fish is fresh enough, simple sauce would do great wonders, you don't need fancy sauces for fresh food..

For the two of them !

Woke up at 5am to prepare this for 2 of my friends.
Nothing special, just normal sandwich vegetables.
I used lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and onions.
Chicken was marinated in white sesame seeds, soy sauce, sugar and vinegar.
As for dressing, i mixed yellow mustard with mircale whip and a bit of ketchup.
Feedback was, Wah nice ! thanks weili !

More vegetables into my diet please

Hmm..something quite similar to what i last posted.

Did some changes to the recipe.

This dish is all vegetables only, no meat.

Consist of red peppers, lotus root, shiitake mushrooms, onions and sweet beans.

Stir fried in sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and cooking wine.


Oh vegetables

Wow this dish took me quite a long time to prepare..i had to simmer until the vegetables got soften.
Softened the vegetables in water and soy sauce.
probably an hour or more.
stir fried chicken pieces in soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, cooking wine and black pepper. Added in vegetables and stir fried for another couple of minutes.
Ate with rice..


3rd attempt

Not bad...not bad...
I have improved !

One of my favourites !

I can have alot of these...i really mean ALOT...