Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mixed vegetable rice !

My afternoon meal on a saturday afternoon !
Oh great ! The weekend is finally here...i guess i need to give myself some time for relaxation..
Will be coming back for more food. its a simple meal, i know =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where are the carbs ?!

Grilled chicken fillets with blanched spinach !

Where are my carbs !??!?

.........." 1 bowl of chicken noodle soup please ! "

Thats my carbs for the night =)

Dinner with mum and bro at Ding tai feng, very nice place for chinese cuisine.

Friday, January 8, 2010

For my friend !

Friends request !
She wanted to get some cookies from me for restocking, but, i turned her down by saying i dont do any orders anymore due to work and busy lifetsyle.
She is a very supportive friend of mine who bought many cakes and stuff from me when i was testing the crowd with my bakes/ i told her, alright i'll bake you a bunch for free =)
Was soooo lazy to get it started, but, after i started to bake the cookies, i was in the mood again and i was thinking why were there only so little to bake, i could have done more, haa !
anyway...i havent been baking for sometime, i hope these cookies would still be able to satisfy her =)
i'll be back !

I think i might have to show a few pics before the blog starts going down down down...

My dinner for a lower carb day.

Salmon salad.

Salmon flakes tossed with butterhead lettuce, cherry tomatoes, guava slices and some almonds...

Drizzled with olive oil and some malt vinegar..lastly, salt and pepper =)

It was very filling !