Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice vegetables soooooup !

Yummy !
Spinach in my home-made stock with shredded chicken breast meat !!
Wow lovely soup !
we love it !

Is C for cookie monster or cupcake ?

Oh C is for cookie monster on top of cupcake !

Haa !!!

I made a pig for a friend so she bought me this cupcake in return.

Didnt dare to eat it due to excessive calories !

Haa will save it for the next day

I'll make one like this one day =)

Bread !

Made my own bread today !

1. Oatmeal bread !

2. Sliced !

hmmm, it tastes good ! Crispy on the outside , soft in the inside..

Will try more loaves ~

My gang !

HAA !!
I made these for my good friends, brother and his girlfriend.
1. My gang, the gang that i always hang out with
2. Dog Lin, you know who you are
3. Onion, you know who you are too !
4. Whale, my bro.
5. Egg, bro's girlfriend.
Hmm....wanted to also make for my friend's girlfriends, but i dont know what they dropped the idea, no worries, there will always be a next time =)
Hmm...what do i represent ?

Whalegg ~

He calls her EGG.
She calls him WHALE.
They got together and are called WHALEGG.
1. Egg
2. Whale
3. Whalegg !
HAA !!
Used left over dough to make this for my bro and his girlfriend..
Whale's egg ? KaaaKaaaKaaa...!!

R + I + C + E = RICE !


Stir fried some rice with left over minced pork and vegetables.

These were left over from yesterday's dinner =)

Wanted to have this for the whole day, but, oops finished them in a meal !

Ahh....rice is addictive...

I always use leftover =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

If it is back to work....

Return of the cannot-have-enough-of-it sandwich.

If i'm working..this would be what i'd have..

3 slices of bread with either tuna or sardines.

1. Spreaded with mashed mackerel.

2. Stacked.

3. Sliced !

4. Wrapped !

Ready to go with an apple !

Yup, that'd be my meals from 1200 - 1700, hopefully i can survive the hunger =)

Ahh...give me a loaf of bread and i can finish them =)

For a friend..

Made this for a friend...
Fish porridge !
Had some before i left house...slurps !

Vegetables for dinner !

Yup..had them with porridge.
1. Stir fried Tortoise beans with minced pork and own seasoning.
2. Stir fried broccoli with some garlic, dried seasoned scallops and own seasoning.
Vegetables are good for you !
Oh, mum steamed a fish head too, very very fresh..her friend goes fishing often, so, he gave her 1 fish today after catching around 30+ fishes ! Amazing...
i love porridge with lots of water, haaa makes u fuller...


Woooopeee ! My dinner !
Went to the korean supermarket to get some korean stuff.
Wah , was too hungry when i got home.
So...i made some kimchi soup with the kimchi i bought and had it with rice.
This was also mum's dinner, as for my brother, his girlfriend bought him LONG JOHN SLIVER !
HAA !!
Wah nice....

Lunch for the day

My lunch for Monday.

Had some left over rice from yesterday's dinner.

So i stir fried it with some cabbage and tortoise beans and some dried shrimps.

Topped it with squid cooked in home made paste in coconut milk gravy.

Sigh...cannot eat too much rice today =(

For myself !

Oh ! This is my own DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE !
I told my mum, hey mother, this is the serangoon's best dark chocolate cake !
She said, " Hmp "
I said, " HAA mother you think i'm joking with you ? "
HAA !!!
Of course that was just a joke lah..
Anyway, i made this cake to try it out for myself...i had this recipe in mind so i decided to give it a try..
Serangoon's best dark chocolate cake ? HAA !!

More cake orders !

Few more cake orders..

1 & 2 . Cake for my uncle to try.

3. Cake order from my aunt to another aunt =)

i'm gonna bake one to try today =)

Mum's friend's cake order

Yup, my mum's colleague ordered a cake from me and requested me to write " Happy birthday " skills on that isnt good, as you can see...horrible writing...

I need to write more using ICING ! not ink =)

You might wonder...AGAIN ?!?!


Haa..wah the macaroni fever is here, i had them for lunch today again.

1. Stir fried asparagus with garlic and dried seasoned scallops with seasoning.

2. Macaroni Soup ! This time with minced pork =)

same old stuff...lots of parsley and chilli padis for my meal and more vegetables !

Wow very delicious !

Hmm, had a craving for macaroni soup today, so i decided to make it.

I can still remember the smell of the Macaroni soup i had when i was a child.

That sure brings back memories.

Anyway, i made this meal with my own stock and added alot of vegetables and some shredded chicken breast meat.

If you've been following my blog, you should know i eat alot of vegetables =)

My bowl of soup is filled with vegetables...

green trees ?

Mmm...lunch ! Actually, after work out meal lah ! haa.

1. Stir fried broccoli with chopped garlic, dried seasoned scallops and some seasoning.

2. Pork loin marinated in own marinade.

Hmm...the pork was quite tough, and the taste wasnt what i expected, no good, but i like tough meats =)

Crunchy greens...

Our Dinner !

Dinner for my mum, brother and i. Dad seldom comes home for dinner. He eats out more often.

1. I deep fried some drumlets, just wanted to try a recipe of mine. Yum ! Turned out great, i'd probably stick to this recipe or tune it abit more.

2. Fish head steamboat. Fish, seaweed, cabbage, tofu and yam. Our family went to a fishhead steamboat stall on friday night to celebrate father's birthday in advance. It was our favourite stall, they serve very good soup and dishes, and they werent that costly for a table of 5.

So i started to have some craving for that and came up with this myself..of course it wasnt as good as theirs, but i think this is good as well. =)


Another batch of pigs !

Oink oink !

The pigs might take over Earth someday !

These are cookies made for my English Teacher, her daughter's birthday is coming, so she might want to order these from me =)

Oink oink all the way...

Oink oink !

Yay ! My little pig is out !
I've been thinking of making my little pig for some time but i didnt have the time, now i finally tried it, i'm very very happy with the results, they look VERY CUTE ! HAAA
These are made with the mooncake skin dough.
They're going for a slaughter.... =)
Wooooooo.....oink oink !

My daily usual breakfast !

My daily breakfast.
I have to have my breakfast.
1. Scrambled eggs with a pinch of salt and black pepper.
2. My cup of Milo, i made it using cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and some brown sugar.
It is my healthier version of milo =)
I love breakfast !

Friday, September 12, 2008

Everlasting fish !

Ah, damn hungry after my walk around town, sooo......
I fried some left over basmatic rice with vegetables, garlic and left over sardines.
Wow, 1 can of sardines lasted me for 3 days =)
No more sardines, i'll get some new protein..

Another very quick meal.
Stir fried vegetables with garlic and oyster sauce. ( cai xin )
With sardines.
That is basmatic rice...the rice for cooking has a nice smell and i kind of like its texture =)
Lovely my friend !

Oops having porridge fever these days..

Been having porridge for the past few days.

1. Canned sardines with sliced onions and chilli padis. ( I'm sure lots of people have this at home, convenient, nutritious and delicious ! )

2. Stir fried purple cabbage with mushrooms, garlic and dried seasoned scallop.

had them with my porridge !