Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd order ~

Sigh...a friend of mine ordered a strawberry cheesecake from me for her friend's birthday.
And, i think i screwed it up, i don't think this looks like a nice cake, i'm not satisfied with the final product, but my friend said its nice !
I've got more work to do....

Accomplished !

There you go, birthday boy ! =)

Ding ding !

A friend's order !

Hooray !

I have just completed this cake my friend ordered from me for his friend's birthday ~

Oh, this is my 2nd cake order, 1st from from my aunty, she ordered my yoghurt cheesecake.

The cake looks nice to me and of course i'm sure everyone has seen better...

As this was my first attempt on decorating cakes...i think i have done a pretty good job !


Waiting for it to chill so i can write, " HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! "

those seeds were requested by my friend, they represent his friend ! HAA !

my very own sticky noodles ~

yum yum...

This is the sticky noodles i made, i got this idea from korean black bean paste noodles...

my brother and i have always wanted to try the authentic korean black bean paste noodles but havent gotten a chance yet..

we always see actors/actresses eating them in korean dramas..the noodles looked very sticky and they are black in colour, they mixed it up with chopsticks and have big mouthful of the noodles, when you eat the noodles, you will hear a ' sluggish ' sound, aiyo i dont know how to explain in words, anyway its like glue HAA

So i came up with this recipe myself to make it look like the noodles..

Nice noodles, i think =)

Will get more people to try it...

changed their 'shirts' HAA

heh heh yes yes...i wasnt very happy about the looks of my tarts for the previous batches..

Now, i've put on a new outfit for them !

Got orders ~

oops i popped one into my mouth just now

Officially in my menu !

Yes this is tested and i will put it into my menu for my future restaurant ~ ( thats my dream lah haa )

I tried it today again with some changes made to the recipe...

We all loved the chicken with the dipping sauce and lime/lemon juice on it !

I tried 2 varieties, lemon and lime to taste which is more suitable for the chicken....

Well well well...lime won !

Recipe pinned on the wall !


Ho ho ho !
I sliced open my 1st chocolate cake !!~ !!
Nice nice nice...i'm sooooo happy !
I've done well =)

My 1st chocolate cake !

Had great fun making this !
It was my first time doing it wouldnt look very nice =)
I'm happy with it, havent tried the taste yet...
Anyway, i came up with this cake because a friend of mine is ordering a chocolate cake from me !
haa making and building cakes is fun ~
Cant wait to try it tonight ~


Had this for lunch today..just wanted to try making this, hokkien prawn noodles..

Overall...i would say okay lah...needless to say, how can this be compared to the one being sold at CHOMP CHOMP !

My family rate that the king of hokkien mee...too good...unfortunately, the uncle just recovered from an illness so he lost some of his skills, give him some time and he'd be back !

wow i'm stuffed...haa..

Still not satisfied..

2nd attempt on my cotton soft cheesecake...
Hmm...still not satisfied with the product, i'm trying again tomorrow...
looks nice but not nice enough, bad base, must have screwed up in the process...

aother quick lunch

Another quick lunch ! leftover chicken soup made by mum yesterday.
I threw in some cabbage and had them with my mee pok dry with own seasonings..
Wow very nice.....
Chicken for the win !

Well, almost there....

This is another version of cheesecake i'm this is my first attempt, it didnt really work out.
The middle part isnt baked well, so i gotta increase the baking time..
This cake is suppose to be very light n soft, mine ? soft but not to my expectations...
The taste is okay..i had it for my breakfast ( cannot believe it haa, my friend's gf has a cheesecake for her breakfast too, cant remember coffee bean or starbucks's version, $5.90 per piece ! ) I like it to be alittle salty and i didnt add enough salt..
Anyway, i'm going to try it again, i will succeed !
wait for next post on my cheesecake =)

they are heavy..

Wow, my friend ordered 2kg of cookies from me !!

These sure are heavy !

4 huge bags of cookies...obviously, she isnt going to eat them all herself..

She ordered some from me to give them to her friends.

Can't believe my cookies are actually selling fast =) very soon, there'd be a stop from orders...people can't be eating cookies all day HAA !

I love my cookies !

going to deliver them soon...

Is it snowing ?!

Wow ~ it snowed !

I think icing sugar is beautiful ~ it really gives you the christmas feeling..

These tarts are going into tubs then to my friends who ordered them from me !

Oh, i popped a few into my mouth when i was cooling them =)

These stupid tarts are so hard to put into the containers, i think my hands are too big !

busy busy

Ah too busy to cook myself a decent meal this afternoon, had lots of baking to do, so i simply used yesterday's stock to make a soup for my noodle soup.
I added minced pork and some vegetables !
Wah nice !
This is good, i'm going to improve on the taste of the soup =) nice taste to begin with ..

Time to rolllllllll it up...

Roll....roll....and fold...then roll again...
TAH DAH ~ finished !
Well, normally i dont cut it into halve, i prefer to grab the whole thing and take big bites.
Just simply cut it up to take some pictures =)
For our family, we eat popiah with lots of parsley...we like it very much.
bye bye, wait for my next post ~ gotta start baking soon, i have more orders ~

Made popiah ~

Uh huh !

Prepared the ingredients for my popiah ~

Made everything myself except for the popiah skin ! HAA ! that one, i dont know how to do it..

actally popiah is a healthy meal, just that it takes too many rolls to fill me up...annoying...

i love pickles

Some pickles i made..

Wah pineapples are also very addictive !

Why are all yellow fruits so addictive....bananas...mangoes...pineapples...what else ....

Sigh..burnt chicken...

Made this for my brother and his girlfriend.

Sigh the chicken looked so burnt, upset upset upset..

Well, the menu was deep fried prawn cakes, mash potatoes, spaghetti in cream sauce, lotus root with peanuts and roasted chicken..

Overall taste was okay, could have done better, though...

more to improve friend...

same noodles different taste

Its minced pork noodle today !
Used the left over meat from the dumpling and made a soup that consist of carrots, onions, celery and chicken bones, i had too many vegetables left in the fridge, had to clear some of them, so making this soup was a wise choice =)
Nice noodles, actually the minced meat is good !