Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hmmmm nice

Felt like eating them so i went to the NTUC to get them.
Seasoned with soysauce, sugar, vinegar and a bit a choya ( japanese liquor )
baked in 160 degrees for 1 hour
i baked them for too long and that is why they looked so dry.
It is okay, trial and error..haa

korean noodle soup

Wah ! was too hungry to prepare the stock so i used instant chicken stock, fat free, msg free !
Added some broccoli stems and carrot to boil it to give it more flavour.
*tomb* went in the minced pork balls
followed by korean noodles and lastly broccoli..
*sip* hmm not salty enough, added some salt.
*sip* okay, just nice !
turned off the switch of the gas stove.
Put in the seaweed, sprinkled pepper and chilli padis !
Wah buay tahan ! EAT !

Better ? Haa

2nd attempt

Now, i sort of know how to make my own bread, i decided to give the crust another try.
Crust : bread flour, water, salt, basil, instant yeast.
Knead knead knead for 10 mins, store in a dark warm place (covered) and leave it for 1 hour, take it out, knead it and shape it into a big circle.
( will work on this process ) trial and error !!!
sauce : sigh, didnt put in effort to make it ( was rushing for time )
tomato paste , vinegar, salt, sugar, basil and some water.
This is very bad base....
Toppings : grilled chicken( didnt want to use ham as it is too processed ) pineapple bits and mozzarella cheese.
baked for 20 mins....
not a good pizza, crust was too flat, sauce sucked !, didnt know what i was eating..crap....
no effort put in and this is what i get...


Nothing special, just pineapples grilled over my pan. nothing was added...nice...e.e.e...

Pickle me well !

Oh ! Pickles!

Thought of making my own pickles.
Pickles : Cucumber ( sliced ), Pineapple ( sliced ) carrots ( sliced ) chilli ( stem removed )
Seasoing : Vinegar ( 1 bottle ) Salt 2-3 teaspons, i didnt add sugar as i thought the juice of the pineapples might give it a bit of sweetness
Stored in my refridgerator for days...

Another udon dish

My lunchSimply done with minced pork and cabbage.
Marinate for pork : bread crumbs, corn starch, soy sauce, salt, pepper, onions, basil.
the mixture was meant to be made into patties, i had left over so decided to try somethign out.
Heated up the pan, sprayed some oil, stir fried prok, added cabbage then lastly noodles.
Last step : clear the plate =)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Only on Weili's believe it or not..

HAAA i actually bbq-ed IN my house !

Unbelieveable ? Believe it..
I spotted the charcoal pot on the floor and sooo....its BBQ TIME !
i marinated some chicken drumsticks.
Marinate : miso paste, vinegar and cooking wine.
Set up everything IN MY KITCHEN ( moved to the toilet later as it got a bit smoky ^^, ) and bbq~~ poor man garden, no bbq pit, unlike one of my friends who drives a posh car and lives in a BIG house with lots of girls running to him like there is no tomorrow...what to do what to do...this is my life...
HAAAA rubbish ! enjoy the food !

3rd ATTEMPT !!!!


Yay ! I succeeded in making my own bread !
This is my 3rd attempt, finally, they taste like bread !
Woohooo ~ I will trying !
yakitate jaaapan ~
work on it work on it !

uuuuuuu don

Stir fried udon with pork slices !

Oh, my lunch that is..
udon stir fried with pork slices with garlic, chilli, asparagus and spring onions.
Seasoned pork with corn starch, salt and pepper.
Seasoning for noodles, i used soy sauce, vinegar and cooking wine.

Bad shot of the F***

Yucks, fish looks disgusting ! ^^,

Dinner !

Bought long beans and stingray from the NTUC.
Wanted to make bbq stingray but ended up with this, i wanted porridge badly =)

Stingray in spicy black bean sauce.
Ingredients : Stingray, garlic, giner, chilli, onions, black bean paste, sugar, corn starch to thicken the sauce.

I know it looks like crap

As for the long beans....
Sigh..been trying to think of a different way of preparing it..cant be there is only sambal chilli long beans !!!~~
So..i went ahead with cai po ( chopped turnip preserved in salt ) sugar, oil, garlic and fish sauce.
Hmm...tasted not bad..just that the beans were not soft enough..

M for Mee or Maggi ?

Stir fried maggi mee

My friend sms-ed me to prepare breakfast for him. I couldnt find any ingredients at the very last minute so i thought of frying some noodles for him.

Ingredients were simple...eggs, cabbage, chicken breast meat, garlic, salt, pepper and seasoning ( no time to make stock ).

They finished everything =)

Deep fried is still the winner...

Sigh...couldnt think of what to eat for dinner then suddenly this came to my MIND !
Got my mum to buy me some chicken fillets and potatoes on her way home.
For the batter of the chicken, i mixed 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup water + milk ( COLD ) , salt, baking powder, pepper and basil.
For fries, i used olive oil, pepper, salt and dried basil and tomato seasoning.

The chicken tasted nice ! So were the fries, they could be improved though..

Sigh..deep frying the chicken is soooo much better than pan frying it...

Deep frying for the WIN ! FOR THE HORDE ! PANGLIMA !

One more time ^^,

Oh NO ! Crappy camera shot again !
This is my lunch, same as last night's dinner.
I had left over soup so i decided to eat it again.
Left over salmon was eaten up by brother in the morning, so i was thinking of a source of protein and uh huh ! i found 納豆 , japanese fermented beans..
I love them, mmmmm...
Same recipe, just different toppings this time, i messaged my mum ono the phone,
" hey mother, try my soba tonight "
" ok "


I like this

Soba and Salmon with broccoli

Hmm..i tried my own soba soup..i used kelp, corn, bonito flakes, spring onions, sugar and soy sauce.
NICE SOUP, i would say..then...i had 1 boiled broccoli, chopped into smaller portions and pan fried salmon. Broccoli and salmon were seasoned with salt only..wanted something simple, yes..very simple..too simple haa !
Anyway, main attraction was the Soba.

D I N N E R. . . . . .

Felt like having warm noodles as it has been raining quite alot these few days.
So, i went to buy some udon noodles at the NTUC.
At the same time, i took a packet of udon soup seasoning up from the section and glanced at the ingredients. OKAY ! Got it ! HAA i went home to make my own soup..i always try to make my own seasoning out of raw ingredients as i believe if the seasoning/sauce can be made through processing, there must also be a way to make it myself, sense of achievement awaits me..
Udon soup : bonito flakes, sugar, soy sauce and water
Pork Chop : seasoned with miso paste and some pepper, baked it for 20 mins, 10 mns per side ( should have baked it for a longer time, its too pale looking )
Vegetables : broccoli with oyster mushrooms stir fried with a bit a vegeterian mushroom sauce.
Good udon, i should say...i am going to try another soup base next time..

2nd Attempt !

Wholemeal bread

Hey, this is my 2nd attempt.
Wholemeal bread with sardine filling.
Everything turned out fine just that i didnt have a big enough oven and most of the bread could not get into the oven at the right timing =(
Very unfortunate..Only 3 managed to get into the oven..
Will try again !

Rubbery !

Rubberised !
Haa i made these burgers for my friends, 10 of them !
Squeezed mayonnaise on the buns, spreaded lettuce then my terriyaki chicken.
Everything was fine except for the BREAD ! Bloody hell, i bought them from the NTUC, they looked so nice but tasted like S***, My friends had a tough time chewing the bread. They looked like cavemen tearing up raw meat with their teeth ! Haa..imagine that...rubber bread...wasted my effort again...
The fillings were tasty, of course =)

Not a skinless chicken this time

Hey chickens, you have skin on your thighs !

Made terriyaki chicken to go with my Woooo RICE !
Terriyaki seasoning for chicken :
3 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon honey, black pepper, 1 teaspoon vinegar and some seame seeds
Stir-fried asparagus and soy bean sprouts :
Aiya, just simply stir fried them with misopaste, nothing special, main dish is the chicken ! haa

Failure is the road to success

Wanted to try to make my own bread, so i went on with it..they turned out to be too hard, i think i baked them for too long =(
I will try again..


Who killed my friend !
I bought this packet of titbits from isetan before i went to watch a movie.
Didn't eat it and brought it home instead.
I left it at a corner of my dining room after taking a picture of it.
Haa ! My brother wanted to have some snacks so he decided to open it up !
he burst his brain and the insides started oozing out..crunch crunch crunch, we started snacking my friend's bitsy brains..nice flavour, caramal sweet potato !